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Help please!

I'm about to loose one of my garage doors due to completely rotted out jamb. The garage is all brick circa 1940's and it has pieces of wood mortared in brick to provide a nailing surface. Now, I know, that construction industry has made many advances over the last 70 years but i'm still not sure what to use to attach my new 2x6 jamb to the brick. It has to be able to support a 4'x7' carriage door. I've thought about using Tapcon screws every 12" or so, and also using them to attach the hinges through the 2x6 into the brick. If there's anything better out there or "proper" thechnique, please let me know.

Re: Help please!

Tapcon screws may be too weak to support what you have in mind.

Anchor bolts will be stronger. You secure them to the bricks by filling with concrete epoxy. Go to masonry supply yards (you know, sand, gravel, stone, etc) and buy the kit. They will hold your jambs better. Make sure that the anchors are deep enough to end up flush with your 2x6 jambs.

Re: Help please!

I've found Tapcons to work extremely well if you use enough of them. The main problem I've had with them is when the masonry isn't strong enough to hold them, as it is with softer brick types. In that case other anchors won't work well either. Without seeing the situation I can't recommend anything alternative solutions but there are a few.

You can try a Tapcon by leaving just the head up and seeing if you can pull it out like a nail with a crowbar. You shouldn't be able to pull it- if you can either the masonry is too soft or the Tapcon is too short- that answer should be kind of evident when you pull it out. A properly set Tapcon can not be pulled out with a two foot crowbar and will take a lot of effort on a longer one. They aren't cheap but don't scrimp- use enough from the get-go.


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