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Help! Need to strip latex paint off an acrylic tub

Am I out of luck or is there a wonder chemical out there that will do it? The paint is less than two weeks old, but with moving and work, I just haven't had time to get to it yet. The paint is Behr indoor eggshell finish, and I've tried everything I can think of short of acetone.

Does anybody have any thoughts at all?


Re: Help! Need to strip latex paint off an acrylic tub


I just have to ask, what ever possessed you to paint a bathtub with an interior acrylic paint?

I am afraid I have no simple solution to remove the acrylic. Most chemicals which would attack the paint would probably also attack the plastic tub. One thought does occur to me though and I think it is worth a try. Turn your water heater up to the maximum temperature. After it reaches it max, fill the tub up with HOT water and let it sit for about a half hour or more. Let the water out and then try to break the paint film loose from the tub. Try scraping with a plastic putty knife. Acrylic paints are effected by heat and moisture. Hopefully the hot water will help break the bond between the tub and the paint and allow you to peel away the paint film.

There are epoxy paints intended for re-finishing bathtubs. Also, there are many firms which specialize in the refinishing of tubs which give very good results.
n any event, good luck!

Moon Over My Hammy
Re: Help! Need to strip latex paint off an acrylic tub

Two weeks it won't be cured.

Dow Scrubbing Bubbles and a soft plastic scrub brush or soft nylon scrubber such as safe for teflon pans.

Rinse completely.

If that doesn't work try use laundry ammonia and water one cup to a gallon with a teaspon of dish washing liquid and your scrubber. The assistance of a nylon scraper for teflon pans or a nylon or plastic "razor blade" substitute.

Fill tub with cold water and 10-15 lbs of ice.

Get it chilled down. Let a little cold water drain then re-plug work from above the water line freshly exposed.

Then with bucket of Hot water wet exposed area with hot wet rag and use a nylon scraper. The difference in temperature will help the paint to release as you use the nylon teflon pan scraper to lift the edges. Dip a damp rag in some Arm & Hammer Washing Soda and use as a paste to buff the paint off.

Strain drain and rinse. Wash with a solution of dish washing liquid and water, rinse. Polish dry.

Re: Help! Need to strip latex paint off an acrylic tub

LOL! I'm not THAT bad:D-I made the mistake of putting my roller and pad in the tub over night, thinking it'd been rinsed out enough.

Voila-streaks n stains galore.

And, as it turns out, (this is embarrassing) my tub is porcelain, not acrylic. But, after a little elbow grease and a few squirts of a paint stripper I bought at Ace-I couldn't find any citristrip-it's bright shiny white again (save for the tread, but it had a bit of a funk to it anyway-I think it's mineral build up.

The paint, however, is all gone!

So, I'm a bit of a Barbie when it comes to certain things, but everybody has to start somewhere!

Moon Over My Hammy
Re: Help! Need to strip latex paint off an acrylic tub

See that you resolved your problem. With a non-fiberglass or non-acrylic tub would have suggested alcohol (not the drinking kind) to remove and soften even fully cured (takes a month or so to fully cure) laytex paint as second step, only if sure not fiberglass or acrylic.

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