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Help! My home has no roof insulation!

I have a ranch-style house built in the 1960's that doesn't have an attic, and has no roof insulation. It's tongue-in-grove wood, then a 3/4 inch felt pad, then decking, then shingles. (Our house is essentially a picnic shelter, with exterior and interior walls.) Unfortunately, our heating/cooling bills are very high. We have replaced the original windows with nice Pellas, but I'm confident that our ceiling/roof is the reason our house can't be cooled in the summer, and can't be warmed in the winter. Any suggestions on repair/replace? We live in WV, and need help ASAP. Thanks in advance.

Re: Help! My home has no roof insulation!

Are the rafters exposed inside the house? if so you can insulate them and then sheetrock.

Re: Help! My home has no roof insulation!

cjsand, my wife (and I) have considered the sheetrock, but both want to preserve the T & G ceiling. So, I guess our only alternative is to build up. Thanks to everyone for your suggestions.

Re: Help! My home has no roof insulation!

Yep --- this is not unusall for homes with cathederal types of roof/ceiling.
Use a build up of rigid foam insulation on the exterior side of the roof.

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