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Help me ID our new home!

My husband and I are closing on our new home.

Zillow listing here:

This is what we know about the house:
-It's "victorian" (according to real estate marketing materials)
-It was built in 1890
-It's located in the historic district of our town in Northern NJ

I love the house, but it doesn't have the same fancy details that the others in the neighborhood have. It seems to be made of stucco? It has striping or sticks on the facade that I haven't seen on another house. I haven't had the opportunity to research it with the town, which I will do. In the meantime, do any of you experts have an idea of what style this house might be? Has the original siding been covered with stucco? Do you have any ideas of how to restore it to its original state?

Thank you in advance for any advice!

Re: Help me ID our new home!

Looks like a Dutch Revival to me.


Re: Help me ID our new home!

It reminds me of a fancier version of the Newton Center House: http://www.thisoldhouse.com/toh/tv/house-project/overview/0,,20287370,00.html

That was a Dutch Colonial Revival and so maybe yours is too - like JLMCDANIEL said. The gambrel roof of the Dutch Colonial was merged with other styles over time – giving you your Dutch Revival with some Victorian details.

Episode #4 gives some history of the Dutch Revival style in the US. An architect familiar with Dutch Colonials in your area might be able to help determine what is original and what is not. Old photos if you can find them would also help.

Any elderly ladies in the neighborhood? I read someone advise asking the older ladies after daily mass at the local parish:) They wont be able to go back to 1890, but they may remember the 1930 - 40s.

It is a very lovely home!

Re: Help me ID our new home!

Would you mind if I asked you what your property tax is going to be?

Re: Help me ID our new home!

Thanks for the comments. I will research the Dutch Colonial idea. There is a neighborhood in our town that has several Dutch homes, so it's a definite possibility. Just returned from the home inspection, which was quite a learning experience for me!

Property taxes are right around $10,000.

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