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Help! Leak in shower drain trap

Need help figuring out the best way to fix this leak. Noticed a leak coming from the celing below the upstairs shower, only after someone took a shower. Seemed to drip for 20-30 minutes after the water was turned off then stop. I ended up pulling the celing down and discovering the set up I linked in the picture. It looks like the cold water copper supply is directly against the PVC drain trap and has over the years caused a small hole. What's my best course to fix a leak like this? Is this something that can be done with out disassembling the whole system? I'm a little above average do it yourself skill wise, am I out of my league on this one?

Picture of the set up and leak:
Photo link

Re: Help! Leak in shower drain trap

What you have there bbarr is a glue up trap. And with a hole in the return portion of the trap you uhave almost no option but to cut it all out and replace it. I would also move the copper tubing to keep them off of the work and out of your way. I would not say that you are over your head but you are going to have to dicipliine yourself as this will be time consuming based on your skill level.

You did good by taking a picture so that you can get the worms back in the can so to speak. And I would install a glue up waste and overflow with a lift and turn outlet while I had this open because it is so inaccesable. Heck I'd put one in even if it was accessable because they are so cotton pickin reliable.

The material that you have appears to be ABS plastic and fittings so You probably should go back with that because PVC is not appproved in some areas for seismic reasons I'm told.

Regardless of my opinion of your ability if you are questioning yourself then by all means call a plumber because his eye may find other defects that you don't have any appreciation for. And there are some tricks of the trade that will most certainly be employed here in the pipe fitting that will probably frustrate you if this is your first tub. It is really a two person job if its to be done in a timely fashion.

Re: Help! Leak in shower drain trap

From the way it looks in the picture, you have ABS connected to PVC connected to the shower drain. It appears that you have had some leakage at the shower drain also with the deposit build up on the PVC. I would say it is going to have to be redone from the drain to the ABS drain and some rerouting is called for. If this is a little out of your league as you stated, I would go with calling a plumber as i.m.plummin suggests. You don't want to have to tear down a ceiling again.

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