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help laminate flooring in the kitchen

n:My question is: i am restoring my older home and I had previously put in a laminate floor in the dining room. now that i am fully restoring the rest of the house i have decided to move the kitchen back to that room where it had been in the past i hate to removed the laminate flooring i already have there but i am afraid that now that it will be a kitchen and a wet room that the laminate flooring will become ruined if water gets spilled or something leaks god forbid. Is there any kind of sealant i can put on the floor before i install everything to protect it. thanks

Re: help laminate flooring in the kitchen

I wouldn't use laminate in a kitchen. Laminate hates water.

A. Spruce
Re: help laminate flooring in the kitchen

Agreed, laminate hates water, however, since it's already there, I'd leave it and change it later when it becomes damaged rather than replace it with something else now. The one thing I would recommend is to cut out the footprints of the cabinets in preparation for that eventuality. It will make replacement much easier when the time comes. You can mount the cabinets directly to the floor OR you can install spacers to bring them up to the height of the flooring.

Re: help laminate flooring in the kitchen

A lot depends on what kind of laminate flooring you have down. Some laminates really do detest water, but others that are newer to the world of flooring are usually infused with special technologies that actually resist water/water damage, e.g., Armstrong makes their laminates with a special HydroCore, and those products work really well for kitchen areas. That said, there really isn't any type of standard way to seal a laminate, but if the floor you already have down is prone to water damage, it may be best just to remove it altogether.

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