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Help I have a moat!!

I have water accumulate along the foundation at the rear of my house. Here in LA the ground is saturated and it takes days to dry before I can mow as the mower sinks in the turf. What can I do to drain the water elsewhere? I installed plastic extensions to my downspouts to divert rain water, but I still get the moat!

Re: Help I have a moat!!

First find out where this water is coming from, because it ain't coming from the sky.

It hasn't rained in LA since before Kobe Bryant was injured.

After you find out the source of the water, let us know.

Boy, I wish I had a well in my back yard.

A. Spruce
Re: Help I have a moat!!

If the ground cycles between wet and dry, this would indicate an irrigation leak or poorly set timer, or, the backyard slopes towards the house, so the irrigation water naturally drains towards the house.

1 - Reset timer and then run it to see that each station is operating properly through the timer. Don't use the "manual" setting, as this bypasses the timer.
2 - As each station is running, look for bubbling water around each sprinkler head, this would indicate a loose head or damaged riser. If you've got a drip system, check all hoses and emitters there too.
3 - If 1 and 2 check out ok, then you're going to have to start trying to find the leak. Look above ground first, could be a damaged sprinkler head or a supply line that is exposed and has been damaged in some manner.

Re: Help I have a moat!!

Or get yerself a FlyMo

Re: Help I have a moat!!
Re: Help I have a moat!!

"LA" might mean "Louisiana" and it ain't that dry there- it never is :p

Anyhoo, one problem is already evident- there is not enough slope around that part of the house to drain properly. This is actually a very common problem because most houses are sited for aesthetics versus practicality and are built too low on the lot to make it "look good". If you alter that in back, you may be creating problems on the sides, then similarly in the front, so first you need to asses the drainage of the entire house area and correct any deficiencies there. The entire lot may need regrading to achieve this proper flow but without this nothing else is going to do much good for the foundation. After that you may or may not need additional mitigation work such as French drains and downspout piping. The rainier the climate, the more slope pitch and length you need to keep the water flowing away from the house.

A good landscaping contractor who does site grading and not just plantings is who you need to call in here- they will understand drainage issues and ground sloping better than anyone else.Just be sure that if the ground level is raised around the louse, it gets similarly raised in the crawl-space to prevent pooling under there.


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