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Re: HELP!!!!!!!!!!!! foundation repair need help asap

Your pics did post via the link. It looks pretty simple- joist hangers and joists, and floor sheathing afterward. What worries me is that it appears that you've got less that 16" between wood and ground- not optimal and not up to current code but if there is enough crawlspace ventilation it may be acceptable, Another concern is that the joist damage was termites- they usually enter at the rim joist under the walls- how solid is this? If that needs replacing too you're going past common DIY stuff as the walls and house will have to be supported when you change that out and I can't tell you how to best do that without me being there. I think you may be better off getting a few contractors to bid the structural work, leaving as much as you are sure you can handle to be done by you afterward.

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Re: HELP!!!!!!!!!!!! foundation repair need help asap

sounds like heavy work especially if you need to deal decisively with the termite problem and if you need to install new footings/piers.. you may need to call for help..


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