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Help finding replacement Drawer Slide hardware


I'm looking for some help finding replacement hardware for some 1960's(?) kitchen cabinet drawer slides.

I've looked at all the local & box hardware stores, as well as many online distributers with no luck.

I've never seen drawers like this with rounded bottoms (see pictures below). There are several of them missing, and because of the way the cabinets and drawers are constructed, there is no way (good) to change the type of glide.

They are made of nylon, and if anyone can tell me where to get replacements, I'll be very gateful!! :D

Re: Help finding replacement Drawer Slide hardware

Have you thought about trying some kind of cabinet door knob. It might need a little extra work for it to function right.

A. Spruce
Re: Help finding replacement Drawer Slide hardware

Hmm, I've never seen that style of glide either, nor the rounded bottom drawer. Interesting.

Try VanDykes, they may have something. If they don't, then take one of the existing guides to the hardware store with you and see if you can mock up a replacement with a nylon bushing and roller. A place like Ace Hardware will have the pieces and usually knowledgeable staff to help you come up with something. Good luck and let us know what you come up with.

Re: Help finding replacement Drawer Slide hardware

Coincidentally, I just went to Ace yesterday looking for the exact same thing (and looks like the same cabs, too!). Sadly, I didn't find them and think I may have to rig something up using sliding shower door or bifold door guide rollers. If I find the exact match, I'll let you know. Please post, if you do find them, where. Update: They're called "stem bumper glides".


Re: Help finding replacement Drawer Slide hardware

Rats! I came here looking to find out what they were called. I have the same exact drawers.

The shower door rollers I found were too big for these guides. I'm still determined to find these things online somewhere.

*One thing I will mention is I noticed that our awkward base cabinet in the corner which just buts up against another has a front for 2 drawers, even though the other half if joined with another to form the corner. If you crawl inside you should notice that the drawer slide AND those guides should be there. If you only need 1 set then there's a place where at least 1 spare set may live.

Of course I need 3 sets.

Now off to the hunt...

Re: Help finding replacement Drawer Slide hardware


Maybe with a piece of wood doweling to form the "neck" like the one on the original glide, this would work? Just a thought. Good luck!

Actually, this website DOES have stem bumper glides. Just not sure if they will have the ones you need.

Re: Help finding replacement Drawer Slide hardware

Did you find a replacement for the rollers?
I figured out how to retrofit them with some european hardware.
My parents (western wi) have the exact same issue. They also have the exact same counter top :)
I believe that the kichetn was installed in 1970.

Re: Help finding replacement Drawer Slide hardware

I have the exact same thing, and same type of drawer with the rounded bottom. I don't know about you - but I have an old Levitt home :)

Anyway, one set of drawers also has a metal set of the "plastic piece" in the OP picture. Every search that I've done on stem bumper glides pulls up something close, but no exact match. I'm figuring they are called something else. The guides on my drawers are still in good shape, and have taken the time to clean them out - it would be very cost efficient to just replace these little thingymajobbers!!

If I find them or if my husband comes up with something that works, I'll definitely let you all know!

And the quest continues -

That's true

Yes,that is it.What I am thinking is the same as you.I not very sure before.Thanks

Re: Help finding replacement Drawer Slide hardware

I see that I am not the only out there trying to locate this hardware that does not seem to exist. However, I have come up with a relatively inexpensive fix. I went to the hardware store and purchased some of the plastic/teflon spacers that are used for mounting mirrors. I then used a wood screw that was approximately 1 1/2" long and screwed them into place. The draws slide better now than they ever have.

Good Luck,

Re: Help finding replacement Drawer Slide hardware

The bumper glides from rockler.com are too small. We will try the wood screw and nylon spacer.

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