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Help with erosion issue

My wife and I had large deck installed on the back of our house about a year ago. Since then, we've noticed that the earth on the side of the house adjacent to the deck is being washed away with the rain water (grade is sloped away from side of deck).

I believe it may be because of the lack of grass where the deck now is. (Maybe the grass that was there before we built the deck was holding the rain water?) Not really sure, but any help would be appreciated.

Thanks so much!

Re: Help with erosion issue

Grasses are great at holding back erosion.

You'll need to replace the grass with rip rap, rock, ceement, or something to keep the soil in place

Re: Help with erosion issue

Can you upload a photo, so we can see the size of the area and the slope?

Re: Help with erosion issue

I would like to see a photo or two as well.

All the major lawn seed mfgrs have a "deep shade" version of their product that you might be able to use.

Re: Help with erosion issue

Having trouble uploading photos, but here's a couple links to photos of the area:

Thanks for the help,

Re: Help with erosion issue

I saw your pics and the slope is less steep than I thought, but regardless, you don't want the situation getting worse.

One, find out where the water is coming from. Is it deck rain water? is it roof rain water run off? is it a broken pipe?

Two, find out which way of avoiding the erosion is right for you, and to do so, learn about ways to stop erosion by reading, researching, talking to landscape contractors, etc.

Some methods are: installing railroad ties or blocks at the lowest point, leveling the area with new dirt, or mulch, covering the area with heavy plastic and secure the plastic with blocks and so on - there are many other ways to do it, and your job is to find the best one for you. One thing is almost for sure: I don't think you can grow anything down there.

Re: Help with erosion issue

Ignore my previous comments. I don't think it looks bad at all. Nothing to see here folks.

You've got that foundation well buried with little to no chance of damage to the foundation.

Better lawn care might be in order to get the grass growing a bit better (poke with stick)

Re: Help with erosion issue

I think soil erosion is a problem in different types of places, but the simplest way to prevent it in most cases is to ensure that something is growing in it. Planting grass are a good way.

Re: Help with erosion issue

Can I ask where your downspouts from your gutters go .I had to run underground piping out to the yard for all my down spouts .I have 2 decks on the back of my house 1 off the master bedroom and one off the kitchen and i added lots of gravel under my decks before i built them and still had to run the downspouts to underground .I had the 2 front downspouts underground already but back ones had to be done after decks were built .I also have a perimeter drain around the back of my house under the gravel .It really helps with those heavy rains .My gutters are the over sized ones and my front yard really slopes down to the road .This house was built in 2004 and all I had was red clay and a house on 3 acres .30 plus trees and lots of work later by me and I have a lawn .Who calls this retirement ME :rolleyes:yeh i am nuts

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