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Help with door hardware on thin door

I have an old Craftsman door that came off of my great Grandparents home. I want to use it on my renovated Craftsman home. I had the door cleaned and finished and am now ready for hardware. I found some beautiful Crafstman hardware that my heart is set on BUT now I find out that the smallest door thickness the set will work on is a 1.75"door. My door is a skinny 1.25". Short of starting my search for hardware ALL OVER again, is there anything I can do, which is pleasing to the eye, to make the 1.75" hardware work on my door? We thought about a wood plate, but, I don't think that would look too good. Would a metal plate be better? Will it look good? Do they make anything like that? Better yet, is there a site I can go that actually sells door hardware for skinny doors?? Please somebody help!!!! I REALLY REALLY want to use my Grandparents door and I have already put so much into getting it usable!

Thanks for any help or advise!

Re: Help with door hardware on thin door

post a link of the hardware you want to use.

Re: Help with door hardware on thin door

The site will not allow me to post a link so here is the site: handlesets.com and the item is: Emtek 4811 Arts and Crafts Single Cylinder Keyed Entry Designer Brass Handleset


Re: Help with door hardware on thin door

Hmmm I take it you want to use this door as the exterior door. It's not a good idea to use a 1 1/4" thick door on the exterior IMO.....

Depending on how the lock is made its not impossible to retrofit the lock to work on your door if your hearts dead set on it. You may have to order the lock to see how much if going to be involved in the retro fit.


A. Spruce
Re: Help with door hardware on thin door

I agree with Giz, an exterior door should be at least 1-3/4". A door that is only 1-1/4" doesn't have enough meat left around the bolt for much security. Also, if you're replacing a thicker door with a thinner door, it will be fun trying to set the hinges and get the proper reveal.

You could adapt most knob style handsets to the narrower thickness fairly easily, but these thumb toggle style are a pain to install on a good day when everything is perfect, let alone have to try to do any kind of customization.

If you must use this door and this handset, then I would Install a piece of 1/4" material under the fixture on both sides of the door, kind of like a door plate. This will give you the thickness you need and keep the hardware lined up in the center of the door.

Re: Help with door hardware on thin door

I agree too.

I know you want to preserve this door for its sentimental value, but it's always better to replace an exterior door or a door to a garage with a "like" door, otherwise, you end up with a situation like this.

No matter what you do to beef up the hardware area, it will look like a misfit.

Re: Help with door hardware on thin door

Oh sadness does befall me :*( Thank you for the advice, I was afraid it was going to be a no-go. hmm, what to do with the lovely door now??? Well, I guess I will just have to get up, brush off my knees and start anew...buying a new door =/

Thank you all again!!!

Re: Help with door hardware on thin door

Agreed that you shouldn't use that thin of a door for the exterior- however I've seen it done and the doors were fine 40+ years later, though not doing as well as a real exterior door would. If my heart was set on that door and I had access to a well equipped woodshop I'd recreate the outer stiles and cross-pieces with thicker material and reuse the center parts. You'd better be in love with it to try this because this is a lot of work.

This level of effort is usually reserved for historic restorations where you want to keep as much originality as possible, so like the other's I'd advise another door as being a far more practical solution. If you can't find a place for your beloved but unusable door there may be a used building supply dealer around who will help with the grief of parting by handing you some cash for it. In fact, they may have a door you'd like there which will work.


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