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Help with the design of a shotgun-style home!!

I am thinking about purchasing a shotgun-style home. It is actually a duplex, so I guess that makes it a double-barrel - ha.
After doing a walk through today with the realtor, we came up with the idea of adding a interior hallway, to enable the reconstruction of the second room into a private bedroom. The hallway would run from the first room, past the second room, & then open up into the third room which I was thinking of dedicating as a formal dining & kitchen. The curren kitchen is pretty small & this would allow greating a bigger kitchen/dining space. Has anyone ever seen this done? Would this be taking away from the character of the original design? The home was built in 1900 & is Denver, CO.
Any advise, tips, words of wisdom would be very appreciated.
Thank you!

Re: Help with the design of a shotgun-style home!!

A Double Shotgun :) IMO I wouldn't worry about the "character" of the original design, just do something that will work for you and/or most modern homeowners (remember you have to sell it to someone eventually). Things I would be thinking about: Will you live there? For how long? Can you build up? Might you be able to take over the other unit? Etc.
Mark, a Painter in Woodbury, MN

Re: Help with the design of a shotgun-style home!!

I agree that if you are going to live in the house for a while you need to do what will work for you. Most municipalities or historic districts may limit what you can do on the outside of an older home but you can generally do what you want inside. If you've been watching TOH for a while you can see that very often the inside of the house is completely changed from what it once was. There are purists out there who believe you should not change anything inside or outside a house. But IMHO times change and you need to make the house work for you. Hope this helps you out.


Re: Help with the design of a shotgun-style home!!

both mike and mark make very good points and think about this also in the early 1900 only higher end homes had electricty so around the time your home was built it probally didn't have electricity and had a wood stove for cooking on. so it probally already has went through a few renovations. and you probally don't want to be a purists as mike calles them, for going back to the original would mean ripping out the elec. and removing all your appliances. keeping elements of original ideas and wood work do more for keeping it period true then keeping exact layout. of course this is just my opinion. but your the one who has to live there and you need to be happy with where you live

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