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Help with choosing roof Color, exterior paint too

I need to re-roof and eventually paint the exterior. But because we haven't decided on the color of the roof the roof does NEED to be re-roofed asap. I am planning on picking it out today or tomorrow at the latest so we can get it done in the next week or so.

This house is out in a suburban, in the hills area, fire zone etc in California. It does get pretty hot so I know having a dark roof will make the house hotter but we have AC, so I am looking to choose something that will make the house look great, more MODERN looking.

The ceiling is about 20' high on the first floor and 1/4 of the house is underground so the lower level is cooler even on the hottest day.

1) What color Roof? Charcoal / black
My choices are:

2) Also looking maybe to paint the house a darker color, either dark burnt red, dark reddish brown or something, I will consider anything. the wood on the side you can see the texture up close. I wasn't planning on using the boarders but maybe painting all one color. Please advise any suggestions.

Please help with exact color brand and swatches color

This system would not let me upload a photo so they are in bluemelon

House: http://www.bluemelon.com/photo/4451264.jpg
Interior: http://www.bluemelon.com/photo/4451265.jpg
other: http://www.bluemelon.com/photo/4451266.jpg

Re: Help with choosing roof Color, exterior paint too

OMG, I actually know the main road you are off, N. Topanga Canyon Blvd. I drove it once as a cut through to the coastline. Small world. Beautiful area and beatiful house you have. Normally I would have suggested a slate colored roof but knowing the terrain and landscape where you are, I'd go with one of the faded brown tones for the roof.

Re: Help with choosing roof Color, exterior paint too

The prime per-requisite of any color for exterior is to protect wall from environmental influences of weather conditions.Teflon containing paints are also a good option for exterior emulsions. They are long lasting and good in terms of wall protection.

Re: Help with choosing roof Color, exterior paint too

Paint stores have samples pictures of homes in different paint combinations (walls, trims and roofs). Check them out.

As far as the roof, I've used all three brands that you mentioned. They are all very popular here. Go with the Owens Corning's Woodcrest in your area - a little more money, but better warranty, wind and fire resistance.

Re: Help with choosing roof Color, exterior paint too

All the colour suggestions you have mentioned are good but if go for a particular choice then I will suggest you dark brown colour. As I have seen this is the best colour for roof and choice of many people.

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