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Help with Bloodgood Maple

I have a Japanese Maple (Bloodgood) that the leaves are starting to curl and dry up on. When I bought this, I was told that it would withstand 8 hours of direct sunlight so I planted it in my front yard.

I water it every few days unless it rains. I don't see any signs of disease on the leaves, nor do I see any signs of animals chewing at the base of the tree. The mulch is out 3-4 inches from the base as not to promote rot.

Can anyone help with what might be the cause of this problem please? I really don't want to see this tree die.

Thank You,

Re: Help with Bloodgood Maple

How long have you had it? What zone do you live in? I have found that they will take more sun in the northern zones then southern. So the 8 hours in sun is going to depend on your location. Also they tend to have a shallow root system, so depending on your soil they may require more frequent watering, i.e. sandy soil will need more water then a clay soil.

Re: Help with Bloodgood Maple

I've had the tree for about a month. I live in NJ, zone 7. What I'll do is conduct a drainage test near where I have it planted to see if it needs more water than I've been giving it.

Just a side note since I posted my first thread, the lower leaves are starting to fall off.

Thanks again for any help!!

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