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HELP-black mold white mold in basement apartment

Old house updated. Lower basement apartment is half underground half not. Main house had a small leak while tenant was out of town of couple of months. Came back and black mold everywhere. Guest apartment is now in studs.

Two Questions: (that can lead to more questions)
1) In bathroom (which is under ground to the window): Black mold removed, we see behind the tiles on the dry wall white specks that look like dust and wipes like dust. The drywall has black paper. Can that just be cleaned with 1 part Clorox and 5 parts water to pass mold test (and for our health) or do we have to demo the wall tiles?

2) Now that about 50% of the dry wall has been removed from the side of the underground section of the apartment is there some kind of ventilation system that can be installed that keeps air moving while tenants are out and unit is closed up? It seems with the heat of weather and coolness of the underground side it encourage fast mold growth. I figured with the walls open it would be a good time to install something like this

Thank you for any advice or additional thoughts anyone can give

Re: HELP-black mold white mold in basement apartment

The white stuff may be what that comes from cement .It is from water wicking through the concrete .It usually means that there is water not draining around the foundation and may need to be addressed from the outside .Gutters draining out next to the foundation can cause this .Add splash guards or extensions to your gutters to get the water away from the foundation as far as you can .If your ground is slopping towards the house it could also cause this .Also if you have no drain field around the foundation of your basement it can cause this to happen .Standing water around foundations should be addressed as soon as possible

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