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I am remodeling an older bathroom. Our house was built in 1690 and the bathroom added about 1940. The tub was originally tiled and I was orginally going to retile the tub, etc. but am now thinking that I will NOT keep the shower (This is not the only bathroom in the house) and do beadboard trim up from the tub and on the sink wall. (Will also replace the sink and lighting on that wall). I have removed a good deal (all) of the tile, cement board and plaster (almost all) and I am worried that the wall around the tub will have to be built out (shimmed?) to make the new drywall/green board even with the lip of the tub. It looks to me as though there were at least two layers of wall material under the tile and I KNOW that there is more that 1/2" between the studs and the tub lip. The area where the faucets are has plywood covering it.

Also, there is a window in the bathroom, the bottom half of which has been boarded up. I would like to uncover it - can I do that? I LOVE a challenge but I am wondering if I have bitten off more than I can chew?????


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Wow you really are ambitious and I congratulate you for what you have done so far. While I have never remodeled a bathroom myself I have done some remodeling of a kitchen in a house that we rent and certainly know how hard that can be.
In my case it was removing old cabinets that had gone beyond their useful life and were really dirty. Thankfully no tile like in your case but I did have to remove linoleum that had been stuck there for years. There were times when I felt I just couldn't go on too but I managed fairly well on my own.
I did however call in help when it came to electrical work as there was quite a bit that needed doing and while I could have done some of it myself and did do a little I really felt I needed help. In your case I certainly would call in an electrician as you have a very old house and by now the wiring probably needs upgrading. I also would call a plumber in too as from previous experience I know how bad bad can get at times if you do it entirely yourself.
As for the window I would say you can probably handle that yourself. Take some precautions though wear leather work gloves and eye protection and a face mask because you may not be able to tell from the outside how the glass is inside. It always pays to be cautious especially around old windows. As for re-glazing the window you can do that yourself but again wear gloves and at least eye protection. This again coming from experience with the kitchen project I told you about.
One more thing if you are going to remove your tub you are right you probably will need to level your floor. If you do the best way is to take up the old sub-floor and then shim the floor rafters. This is very dangerous though and you should have a helper there at all times as you put the shims down and then put a new plywood sub-floor down. This is where I might think of hiring a contractor to help as it can be even more involved than that and you might need to do structural repairs. Good luck to you and please keep us posted on how you are doing:)

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