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Hello from Canada

I admire the older homes in "This Old House" and I also admire the scenic warm weather in some of the photos. It's getting cold in Canada.

Just curious, does anyone know what property taxes would be like for a Canadian who would own a house in the United States? And can a Canadian own a house with a passport? Or would full American citizenship be required?

Good day!

Re: Hello from Canada

Hi there from The United States! I am not an expert as I am only a landlord who rents one house and not a real estate person. However I think I can say unequivically that yes you can buy a house if you are a Canadian citizen. My neighbor next door came from Canada, I think Ontario and knew very little english at the time but learned fast and was able to purchase the house with her husband at the time. You can always decide to become a United States citizen but that is optional.
As a matter of fact I don't remember any restrictions on the purchase of property except maybe from some far off country where terrorists come from. Many of the buildings in many cities are owned by one or more foreign investors and I myself see that as a good thing as it means jobs for people and no empty buildings.
As for taxes that would be the same for you as it would be for anyone else. Tax wise I have heard that the southern states like North Carolina,South Carolina,Delaware,Georgia and Tennessee are all fairly easy as far as taxes are concerned. Watch out though for Virginia,Maryland(where I am)and Washington D.C. and all points north. I can only speak though about my own region I don't know about the rest of the country even though I have family scattered all over the place I don't talk too much about taxes with them.
Wherever you might think you would like to live at least during the winter I suggest you look into water quality etc. on the internet and then going there for a visit. If you like what you see then I suggest you rent a place for a year and see if you like the area. If you do then you should think about whether you want to buy the place you are living in(if available) or move to another place.
If staying here for more than a year you will probably need a work visa and definitely need a passport to cross the border. I am no expert on that and suggest you check with our state department. You can probably find out all of that on the internet. Whatever you decide on if you come here I hope you enjoy our country. Merry Christmas to you!:)

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