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Heating upstairs Bathroom

So I am wrapping up my now 1 year remodel of my 103 year old home. I gutted 90% of my second floor and my entryway and rearranged the floor plan of the second floor. When I moved the bathroom and added a walk in master closet be hind it I no longer have a heating vent into the bathroom. Everything around the bathroom is heated and now insulated. I was thinking of putting in electric floor heating in the bathroom but was not sure how effective it would be to heat the space or cost effective. Or should I go with a bathroom wall heater or baseboard heater instead to heat the bathroom. The bathroom is not that big 10 by 10 with shower tub, double vanity and linen closet. I can't move the vent so that's not an option. Any thoughts would be super helpful thanks. I really want to know more about the radiant floor heating. Thanks again !

Re: Heating upstairs Bathroom

Since your bath is surrounded by heated areas, it should stay reasonably warm. However, reasonable is different when you are standing there naked and wet! I have a large bath with high ceilings which is located on an outside corner of the house. Although it gets decent amounts of heat out of the central warm air duct, it was not warm enough for comfortable showering. I added a 6000 btu, 220volt wall mounted heater which rapidly brings the bath to comfort level. Although it sucks up 2000 watts, it is only on for 10 or 15 minutes per day. The unit came with a thermostat, but I just turn it up as needed.

Re: Heating upstairs Bathroom

We install a lot of electric floor heat for bathrooms.

Re: Heating upstairs Bathroom

Since there is little heat loss in the room, I agree that an electric floor would be a good way to go. Your toes would be nice and toasty on the tile floor.

Re: Heating upstairs Bathroom

And the terlit too.

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