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Heating system driving me nuts 

Well it's been quite a while now, two years to be exact that this problem has been occuring. During summers the AC has been working great, but when its winter our gas heating system has been acting up. Somedays it will work fine distributing heat to the house but on other days it will just blow cold air. First time this happened I thought that I accidently placed it on A/C rather than on heat, but no it was actually on heat but it was blowing cold air. I just mess with the thermostat turning it on & off until it starts working and throwing warm air. Also I got someone to come and look at it, they tested it, all seem okay and told me that nothing is wrong with the central air system and to call them when it does start acting up again. Well I just gave and will rather just deal with it myself and do what I've been doing for quite a while now, Turning it on and off till it starts working. Oh yeah, "It's Not The Battery, I've Changed It Already."

Re: Heating system driving me nuts 

Turning the thermostat on and off so many times will eventually cause other problems.

First I'd concentrate on the gas supply, if you have gas system, from the gas shut off valve on, to make sure gas supply is uninterrupted. That includes the gas control valve. Also look for spider webs in the line that may cause problems.

Then I'd check the ignition system, whatever system you have - pilot, hot surface ignitor, nitride ignator, etc.

Also, have your control board checked. Some have a trouble shooting light and code readers for diagnosis.

Some of these tasks are not for the DIYer, but for the pros.

Re: Heating system driving me nuts 

First try cleaning the flame sensor with very fine sand paper. Then watch it if it is acting up, if the flame does not go all the way across the burners the burners will need to be cleaned.


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