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heating system in attic

My husband wants to have heating system installed in the attic which uses piping. I am trying to get some information on this type of system. Does anyone know the name of this type of system. I did see TOH install it for a client some time ago. Any help is appreciated. We live in NJ area.

Re: heating system in attic


Could you provide more info as to what TYPE of heating system this would be?

When you say "piping", this could mean a gas supply pipe to the attic for a furnace, or it could mean a forced hot water or radiant system (this type of system would freeze without antifreeze).

There are also forced hot air heating systems, or Unico hi-velocity flex ducting systems, etc.

Attic installations are usually done as a last resort when there is no room in the basement, or no room in a 1st or 2nd floor closet,or a basement doesn't exist.

Many homes in the South were built without a basement, so attic installs are still done down there, but they tend to be inefficient.

Many contractors will offer this type of install because for them it's less expensive and easier to do, but that doesn't help the homeowner.

For the homeowner, an attic install is usually loaded with problems (see the Accurate site below).

The intense heat in the summer will greatly lower efficiency of any ducting for AC; the intense cold in the winter will do the same for any heating ducts (both of which would have to be connected to the AC or heating unit).

This leads to a lot of comfort complaints from the homeowner, and high energy bills.

Modern 95% AFUE high efficiency furnaces these days rely on condensation drains which freeze in attic installs, causing water damage to ceilings & walls.

So a less efficient 80% furnace
has to be installed without condensation features, which costs much more to run.

If AC is also installed in the attic, drip pans (also needed for some furnaces) can overflow also causing ceiling/wall water damage.

Most attics are cramped & access for even a simple job like replacing a filter is a major job; many techs don't like to service attic equipment, so service may be problematic.

If there is an issue with cramped space in the basement, or no basement, I would recommend a wall-hung condensing furnace or boiler which will provide 95% AFUE efficiency.

This is what everyone's buying now, they are very fuel-efficient & take up the space of a large suitcase.

For more sites & info Google "HVAC attic installation" (without the quotation marks).

Please provide further info.


Re: heating system in attic

Just to add to JacktheShack's post ...

Is this possibly a hot water forced air system ?

Personally I wouldn't have any heating system originating in an attic for a couple of reasons.

Since warm air rises it will be very difficult to maintain a comfortable level of warmth lower in the rooms ... it'll be cozy up near the ceiling but you'll be chilly sitting in a chair.

If it is a hot water type of system I would be leery of running plumbing in a cold attic ... especially in the northern areas.

Just a thought.:)

Re: heating system in attic

just wanted to say thanks for the information. This is the most helpful I got all day. You guys are awesome.

Re: heating system in attic

You guys from up North have a lot of misconceptions about the way we do things way down South . :D
To start with , if you have central heating and air , it's almost ALWAYS going to be in the attic . We don't have basements and cellars . I have 9 foot ceilings in my house and have NO problems being comfortable .
" Inefficient " ? Nope .

Re: heating system in attic

djohns ... LOL :D

Realatively speaking sure it would work down there but then and again when it got cool for you a heater would be used ..... for us we would just put on a sweater and wear slippers.;) :D

Re: heating system in attic

To agree with djohns, I'd say I'm surprised my central AC in the attic does as well as it does. This is in Maryland. The ducts are insulated with some kind of puffy foil covering. It blows hot for less than a minute, then the air becomes cool. Granted, I don't keep my house very cool in summer but I'm perfectly happy with it.

I'd be more concerned about heating from the attic in winter...which relates to my other post. For one thing even in the attic the stratification of air is more favorable, it seems to me, for cooling than heating. The coolest air in the attic is going to be the lowest 18", where the ducts are.

Re: heating system in attic

depending on what exactly you want to do i may be able to answer more detailed questions. i also am in new jersey and have seen just about every type of heating system instaled in an attic you can think of. let me know if i can be of more help. :)


Re: heating system in attic
djohns wrote:

Have to agree . Leslie , you mentioned JWhite in your " Troll " post above . He's from the old forum and was one of your many adversaries . He's never visited here . You blew it luv . Once again ... BUSTED . :D

translation anyone who would dare disagree or (heaven forbid) has a differing opinion on how something might be handled. or even a different perspective.

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