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I have a cap cod Home in Columbus Ohio,where it gets very cold in the winter, and very Hot in the Summer time.During winter or summer mt wife and i like to come upstairs to play on the computer amd it is always very cold up there.We just replaced the windows.It does have just one heat return up there.

Re: Heating

It sounds like you have little or no insulation in the exterior walls, and there is not enough heat getting up via the single supply/return vent.

Do you know if there is any insulation in the exterior walls; have you called a heating contractor to see if they can modify the venting system to get more heat flow into the 2nd floor???

Consult the Yellow Pages under "Insulation"; they have installers who can blow in insulation for a few hundred dollars if you have no insulation; this will greatly inprove comfort in both summer and winter.

Re: Heating

I would agree with jack, but make sure whoever you call get the RValue for the blown in. Quality material does matter on this application. If you house has shinled or vinyl siding it will be an easy application and repair, but if it is clapboards it tends to get a little intrusive, and painting is often neccessary. Get a heating contractor to get you more air in the area, and def. insulate, but I would insulate first.

Re: Heating

Have an insulation contractor that uses infrared thermal imaging so you know for sure they get all the uninsulated areas take the guess work out of it.
This was an after check on a home and the insulation guy missed some spots.


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