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heatin with hot water

Hi I'm new here and wanted to know if someone could anwser my question?I'm in need of a new boiler,and was wondering if I could use a on demand wall mount hot water heater with a circulating pump.Make's sence to me,tell me why I can't. thank's Ralph:confused:

Re: heatin with hot water

Sure you can as long as you also add the necessary saftey features, expansion tank, replenishment valve, etc.

Re: heatin with hot water

I agree with JLMC.

Yes, it can be done, but you would have to add a lot of expensive components and tie them all together into a workable system.

Then there is the problem of finding a service tech in your area who knows enough about these systems to put it all together, and get it right.

There are companies that sell packages that include an instant tankless as the heart of the radiant system (sites below), but there are so many add-ons (including a storage tank), that it gets very expensive quickly.

These units/systems are designed on the basis of the amount of btu/hr you need to heat the house, like any other heating system.

With tankless, there is also the issue of how many gallons per minute they can put out, especially for domestic HW needs (if you intend to use the same unit for HW needs as well).

I would suggest getting a heat loss calculation (below) for your house and then size the tankless unit and package on that basis to make sure it's big enough.

A favorable alternative would be something like a Peerless Pinnacle condensing/ variable boiler (gas-fired or oil-fired) that is 95% efficient.

Takagi, Inc. offers a number of tankless units and radiant packages, as noted in the sites below.

At the Peerless site, click onto "product center" then enter residential boiler and either oil-fired or gas-fired.

Also Google "From tank to tankless" by Julius Ballanco for a good article on DHW issues.



Re: heatin with hot water

Thanks for the info.In my head it made sence,but than again lots of things do.thank's again

FA Fuel
Re: heatin with hot water

EFM makes an electric boiler its a model EB-4 available in various sizes from 10 to 30 Kw. Instant on instant off. It was designed for what you want to do.

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