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Hi, I am interested in having a heater/ac installed in my home. I have a Cape Cod and I currently do not have any duct work. I was wondering if one of the experts out there can give me a quick quote on what they think it will cost me.


Re: heater/cooling

A load calculation would have to be done to give you the right sized unit, since one would have to go to your house to get measurements and find out what type of windows, insulation, doors, etc. it is not possible to give you a price online

Re: heater/cooling

ok sten, thanks alot for your help

Bob Gabrilson
Re: heater/cooling

I assume that you have a boiler now? You could install a Unico high velocity A/C system with a water coil tied to your boiler for the heating. Or you can continue to heat as you are and just A/C with the Unico. Installation cost (to answer your main guestion) is about approx. $5000 per ton. This is for the A/C only. To tie in the boiler is extra.

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