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karen anne
heated driveway?

I have a small driveway in RI, and am too long in the tooth to shovel it out. It also seems impossible here to hire someone dependable to do shoveling. So, I am looking at heated driveway systems.

The problem is they all seem to be install it yourself (not likely for me) or find a local contractor.

Does anyone have any words of wisdom about the best type of system, features, etc. and/or by any chance know of a RI contractor who does this stuff? Thanks a lot.

Re: heated driveway?

Probably the best solution is a sytem with a boiler, and PEX tubbing laid in the concrete of the driveway filled with water/antifreeze solution amd manual control. That way it won't freeze if not on, and is not on unless you turn it on when it starts to snow or sleet. There's no reason to run it when it cold but no snow or ice.
Just ny opinion. Sorry can't point you to an installer or supplier.

Re: heated driveway?

We've installed a number of heated concrete aprons for fire stations and have run into an unintended consequence. Because the manufacturers as well as the energy code require insulation under the slab, the slab tends to always be icy if the heat isn't on. This is even when their wouldn't normally be ice. We assume it is because of the insulation keeping the normal heat from the earth from coming up.
We've done both hydronic & electric heated slabs. The electric is much cheaper & easier to install especially if a seperate boiler is required. If the building has a boiler(s) that can be used, that makes sense. Manifolding & valving are needed also for the hydronic.

Brilliant, it works. Thank you

OK!!!!! It Does work, thank you for your kindless.
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