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Heat Tape on garden hose.

I plan on adding a 120v heat tape to a garden hose to water animals at the barn, I believe its preassembled like a sheath that fits over the hose ,It will be lying on top of the ground where it will get wet , It will plug into a ground fault GFCI receptable , but would like advice if it should require a waterproof cover over the length of the hose , anyone used one of these before. Thanks.
Ken Biggs
[email protected]

Re: Heat Tape on garden hose.

Well, I can't give any advice on a hose, but next summer you should run a buried water line out to your water trough and put in a freeze-proof hydrant. While you're at it, run a 120V 20A circuit out there for a tank heater. Better yet, just get one of these: http://www.ritchiefount.com/productsEQUINE.html

Re: Heat Tape on garden hose.

depending on how cold of a region you are actually in, im not sure that your heat tape will be hot enough alone. meaning that heat tape typically needs to work in conjuction with insulation.. i live in cold weahter area, and i simply unhook the hose and start at one end and drain it by lifiting it up.. i i know this is an inconvience, but beats a frozen hose!!

Re: Heat Tape on garden hose.

You could also get one of these.

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