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heat pump VS radiant floor heat

I'm building a 700 square foot addition with a rather high ceiling, in Central N.J., and someone told me to heat/cool the space with a heat pump. This clever device produces heat in Winter and a.c. in Summer. I've been told that this is very economical and efficient.
I was also considering radiant floor heat for Winter and a ductless split unit ac for cooling in Summer.
My question is:
Would heat pump be sufficient for comfortable heat in Winter?
Would we have hot heads, but, cold feet with heat pump?
We have a pretty good heating season (6 months-usually) that hovers around 30 degrees on average in Winter.
Thanks in advance.

Re: heat pump VS radiant floor heat

Heat pumps are usually only good to about 30 degrees but there are claims that some work very well below that temp. Follow the link below for more info.


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