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Heat Pump Cycle


can anybody tell me if it ok for heat pump to run about 5 hours non stop? I have a new Goodman heat pump install in a new addition room and when temp outside down below 40 it run forever.

Re: Heat Pump Cycle

No its not - Heat pumps are air condintioners- the condenser becomes the evaporator in the winter and heat is extracted from the air. In the cold time of year the unit will pull heat from temps down to about 30 and work ok, But the unit will freeze and it will go through a defrost cycle in which the system reverses itself-yes turns back into an aircondioning unit -takes heat back out of your house so it can thaw the outdoor coil.The system has electric strip heaters that will come in the defrost cycle and if the temp in the house will not reach set point.
The refrigerant charge is very critical on a heat pump -it has to be weighed in-in mild temps the unit may work but when its cold the amount is key.

So check with your hand on the larger of the 2 copper pipes on the unit outside-it should be very hot almost to hot to touch
If it isn't you may have to get the units refrigerant adjusted-
check the indoor temp it should be sorry to say about 100 thats about the max your going to get.

Then check the tstat if you see the blue light or some color on all the time you may also have a triped breaker on the electric strip heater -most units will have a seperate breaker for the heater at the airhandler.There also may be a tripped overload in the cover on the airhandler -Caution- remove power first look for a red button or small switch of some kind-if its popped you will know it-there should be a book on the unit somewhere
but there never is.
The Tsts has a Emergency heat function- thats what its for -when its gets to cold outside you can run on strip heat only.

If your feeling comfortable with electricity- CAUTION YOU HAVE TO DO THIS LIVE_ there is another check You have to remove the access cover on the outside unit and check the defrost board it will be the only PC board in there,
There will be 2 test pins be careful for the 220volts near by it will ruin your day anyway jump out the pins while the unit is in heat mode -the unit should go into defrost-you should hear a load pressure change.If not it may be the board.

If all that doesn't check out I'm sorry to say you have to call a service tech but you said its new so I hope the guy will warranty the service call

Hope this gets you by.

Re: Heat Pump Cycle

Thanx...I will ck it out this wkend.

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