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heat loss in part of mobile home

We just installed, in Feb. a new Lennox heating and Air system. It is a heat pump. We live in a mobile home. The system is closer to one end of the house, my bedroom. My 15 year old daughters room is at the other end of the the house. The problem we are having is that my daughters room stay cold in the winter and hot in the summer. If it is 72 degrees in the house where the thermostat is my daughters room is at 4 degrees colder in winter and 4 degrees hotter in the summer. We use fans in the summer in there to keep it cool and in the winter we use a space heater I do not like this, it is not safe for one thing but it is not energy efficient either. We thought it was that our other system was to old, it was over 15 years old. We thought with the new system this problem would be solved. We were wrong. If there is any suggestions or ways that you could help I would greatly appreciate it. Thank You

A. Spruce
Re: heat loss in part of mobile home

When you installed the new unit, did you also install new ductwork? The ductwork on trailers is often full of gaps and holes that allow most of your heating and cooling efforts to be lost and not distributed to the desired locations.

My girlfriend also lives in a "manufactured home" and has similar heating and cooling issues. It doesn't help that there is no return air system, I suspect yours is lacking the same. This reduces the efficiency. Here, installers put a register directly under the thermostat, giving the thermostat false temp readings in relation to the actual temp in the house. The fix for that was to block off that register which has been a great help. Other things that help is to run fans and ceiling fans to help circulate cool air. Warm air is fairly well trapped behind closed doors.

Re: heat loss in part of mobile home

contact the company that installed the furnace the blower speed on the furnace may be able to be kicked up on some furnaces up to 400cfm which will push more air down to the other end if this isnt possible try closing a few registers that are located closer to the furnace which will also force more air further down the duct system

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