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Heat and air in basement

I have a bouns room in the basement that doesnt have heat or air is it possable to cut into duct to creat a flow to the room.

Re: Heat and air in basement

You have to find out if your furnace and A/C was sized to allow this to be done. Some times when a house is built without finishing the basement the contractor will oversize the furnace and A/C to accommodate a future room. I don't know the size of your basement or how many BTU's your equipment is but you could be OK. It's not terribly hard to cut in a couple of supplies and a return or two but you don't want to take away any heat or A/C from the rest of your house. You could always try it and if you have heating problems down the road just close the dampers, you could also zone the cellar which would be a better choice. Costlier that running straight ducts but cheaper than buying all new equipment.

Re: Heat and air in basement

If your basement stays cool enough in the summer, then consider installing an electric heater(s) in the bonus room. This may be simpler than doing duct work. Also, it is likely that the t'stat for your system is located upstairs where it will probably be satisfied long before the bonus room would have a chance to heat up with branch ducts.

Re: Heat and air in basement

It may be simpler but in the long run they will be better off as there electric bill will definitely take a hit with your electric heater. With the zoning you would have two stats so it wouldn't matter if the one upstairs satisfies first. If they don't want to do the zoning I'm sure it could be balanced so the downstairs and upstairs are comparable in temp.

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