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Haze in Stainless Steel Sink

When my husband and I backsplashed our kitchen we mistakenly rinsed the sponge out in our stainless steel sink. Now we have a haze in the sink that I would like to remove but need advice on how to remove the haze without hurting the stainless steel. Any advice would be welcome. Thanks.

Re: Haze in Stainless Steel Sink

You might try a mixture of 50% vinegar and 50% very warm water and a scouring pad. Otherwise, purchase some " Grout Haze Remover "
Depending on the quality and grade of the stainless steel sink you really won't hurt it per se. If it is a high polished finish it may become a little dull from the scouring pad.

Re: Haze in Stainless Steel Sink

Make sure you use a light scouring sponge/pad, not steel wool.

There's a product I once used called Bar Keepers Friend. You can get it on line from Amazon. It works really well at cleaning and shining a stainless steel sink.

Re: Haze in Stainless Steel Sink

Vinegar is a great tool, and if you need a little safe abrasive, use baking soda. I use a combo of both to clean my stainless sink, and it works really well, doesn't scratch, and eliminates odors as well!

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