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Barbara A
Having trouble removing a dishwasher

My dishwasher needs to be replaced. However, the old one was installed before the flooring was put down (ceramic tile). The plumber could not get the old dishwasher out as he was afraid to scratch the tile. Looking for ideas. The new one is sitting in my kitchen. What to do?

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Re: Having trouble removing a dishwasher

this happens often when people take short cuts and i'm not only speaking of dishwashers. there are reason's that jobs are done in certain ways. when the tile floor was put down, i can only assume that it was put down over an existing floor when that existing floor should have been removed and then properly prepped for a tile floor. the tile floor should go under the dishwasher, the stove and the fridge. the only options i can think of are removing a few tiles and hope you have extras or can still buy that style to replace the removed ones or loosen the countertop, assuming it's formica. i wouldn't try to take off or loosen a stone countertop. taking out a few tiles and replacing them is not a big job.

Re: Having trouble removing a dishwasher

You can cut the legs off to get it out but that won't help you get the new one in.

Re: Having trouble removing a dishwasher

They don't make stubby dishwashers ?

Seriously I have seen some of the very lower end dishwashers having very adjustable feet. Take a tape measure to the DW store.

Had a potential customer brag about how he got his kitchen floor tiled so cheaply, until I pointed out they tiled over the feet of the stove. Hope he never has to clean back there.

Re: Having trouble removing a dishwasher

I've faced these situations before, and removing a few tiles is the only way to get the old DW out and to put a new one in. I hope you have a few matching tiles in the house.

Re: Having trouble removing a dishwasher

The legs are adjustable, Did your plummer shorten them both front and back, I know it is a hell of a job to do as i have done it many times but it can be done.

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