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Having trouble with new plants growing and staying alive

I have tried over and over spent hundreds of dollars planting plants and shrubs and for the life of me can't get anything to take/grow in these huge berms we just installed. We have tried multiple plants (sun and shade). It gets morning shade and afternoon sun. We have tried everything. They will grow well for about a month or so and then we notice slowly they die off. We are on our fourth round of plants and we are still having the same issue. Not sure if the soil is bad, we are over watering, under watering, need more mulch. We just can't figure it out. My wife and I are SO FRUSTRATED we just want some nice curb appeal and can’t get it no matter how hard we try. It is getting WAY too expensive to keep re-planting, we are about to give up!!!! Please come help before we give up and just plant a whole bunch of different flowers/grass. All that hard work I did with the landscaping blocks I hope is not all for not!!!!

Re: Having trouble with new plants growing and staying alive

Some things are just not meant to be...But you can reverse your luck.

1. Buy plants only from a place that will give you 1 year free replacement, like HD, Lowes and others. Just follow their requirements.

2. Could be your soil and drainage. Dig out 6" of dirt and put in top soil with organic materials. Then plant.

3. Follow the instructions on the plant info. Not sure? ask for advice and suggestions.

4. Watering: yes, there are such things of over/under watering. You need to know what your plants need.

5. Choose native plants, they'll grow better in your area.

There are more things to consider, and you can find them out from your nursery or a book. Good luck.

I know, plumbing is way easier...

Re: Having trouble with new plants growing and staying alive

Get advice & design from a full service nursery. They know plants & what will grow in the conditions you have.
A full service place can check the soil & even plant if you want.
Good advice & plant selection is worth more than a warranty, but a nursery will still probably give you one.
I also expect the soil may need amending when you plant.


If you want make your garden beautiful and that your plants could live longer in every season then you must look after your garden area properly and clean it daily.

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