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haunted garage?

My garage door opens on its own. Is something wrong with the sensor? It seems fine? What could the problem be?

Re: haunted garage?

I would suggest you try changing the code. Chances are someone else has a matching device that is also activating your garage door opener.

Re: haunted garage?

Keep your security code confident

Re: haunted garage?

Oh how much if we change the code..........what i mean the security code.:cool:

My garage is not yet destroyed but I wanna changed it. Because many has been knows our security code. To prevent for the unexpected thing to happen.

Re: haunted garage?

Check the inside button.

On mine, there are some sharp solder points on the back of the button that eventually pierced the wire, and the simple act of closing the door into the house would cause the garage door to open or close. Sometimes it would happen randomly.

I fixed the button wiring and the problem went away.

Re: haunted garage?

security code is only issue in this regard
nothing more at all

Re: haunted garage?

Call Ghostbusters!!! I had the same problem and could not figure it out.

Re: haunted garage?

Check your sensor first. The button might be stuck causing it to work like that. But like everyone here says, better change the code or replace the sensor itself. No need to be scared. It's just a matter of security issues with the sensor in your garage.

Re: haunted garage?

Call TAPS!

Re: haunted garage?

The security code is not the issue unless your referring to the 4 digit pin on the exterior keypad that some GDO's have. JLMCDANIEL, Garage door openers made after 1993 do not use dipswitch codes to program devices, they all use rolling code technology. Quiky Questions, What type and age of garage door opener do you have?

Re: haunted garage?

check your sensors i think there is some problem in them and best thing to do is replace sensors by new one


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