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Has anyone use Drylok Etch?

My basement walls are full of efflorescence and peeling paint. I've scraped off as much as I can with a thin scraper and some use of a wire brush. It looks fairly good but still some areas near the base of the wall have remnants of efflorescence.

Wondering if the Drylok etch will take off the paint and some areas of efflorescence and if it's necessary? I've already purchased the Drylok latex masonry paint and am anxious to use it.

Re: Has anyone use Drylok Etch?

I did my whole basement. I have some great pictures on my home computer, I'll try to remember to post them up for you.

When I bought my house last July, the basement walls were in yucky shape. They had been painted with something before, not sure with what...but it was all peeling and chunking off. It smelled damp and musty. We opened up the basement windows, got some air circulating first.

My advice is to first scrape and brush all the stone with a stiff wire brush. Get all loose paint, and deteriorated mortar out. Do a throrugh job, it will make the finished DryLoc stick better and last longer.

Now you're ready for the etch. I used a garden sprayer, take frequent breaks, that stuff really irritates the nose and eyes. If you have a respirator, it would help. Otherwise, go outside periodically, it's strong stuff. After we etched, we sprayed it off with a garden hose(my basement was empty of stuff).

After it's dry, go back with a hydraulic patch (we used the Dry Loc brand) and fill in if you have large chunks of mortar missing.

Then use the paint. They make a Dry Loc brush that is coarse and makes getting in the stone pores easy, but any cheap old brush will work. Just poke and stab the walls as you brush to make sure it gets into every hole. We did 2 coats. In some spots, stains showed through so we also used Kilz extreme and put one coat over the Dry Loc. The basement went from being a dusty damp dungeon to a bright and dry shop!

Re: Has anyone use Drylok Etch?

Forgot to add that you should agitate the etch a little bit with a stiff brush.

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