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hardwood floors saturated with animal waste

I want to know how to remove animal waste odor from hardwood floors, that look to be in fairly good shape otherwise. Is it possible to get it all out, or would it be a better idea to just pull the floors and start new? I'm not sure what kind of coating was over the floors before. Thanks.:(

Re: hardwood floors saturated with animal waste

Try a diluted mix of water and vinegar before you pull the floor...Nothing to loose...and if that kills the odor than sand the floor, and seal it after its dead dry (use a moisture meter).

M He Sapa
Re: hardwood floors saturated with animal waste

You might try a product called Nature's Miracle (I think it's aptly named), which is an enzymatic cleaner. Just follow the directions on the bottle. I use it for everything from nosebleeds to... and so far it hasn't let me down. No connection to the company. best, M

Re: hardwood floors saturated with animal waste

I am having the same problem with a house im looking to buy, the largest room on the first floor has a very strong cat odor to it. Some people that I have spoken to have said the best course is to replace the entire flooring, but that can be expensive. The reason they gave for the entire removal was due to other pets they had, we may not smell it but they can, and will continue to go there if they smell it. I am willing to try anything myself though.

Re: hardwood floors saturated with animal waste

I did a job recently where the client's cat kept peeing in the same corner, over and over again. They later found out it was some medical issue and they were able to get it fixed and the cat stopped. However, they were left with black streaks in the solid red oak flooring. They called me to fix it. I got out my oscillating tool and cut out the damaged planks, replaced with new wood, stained to match, and the floor looks good as new. Had no idea cat pee would turn oak black.

Re: hardwood floors saturated with animal waste

The best product I've found for removing cat pee stench is "Dumb Cat" . (yes really) You can get it on Amazon.

I tried everything else including vinegar and Nature's Miracle, but my Dumb Cat kept going back to the same place because he could still smell it with his amazing cat nose.
The Dumb Cat odor remover finally got the smell out to the point even *he* couldn't tell where he'd peed.

For best results, pour it on, cover it with plastic wrap to prevent evaporation, and after a day or so remove the plastic and let it evaporate. Don't dilute, don't rinse.

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