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Hardwood floors need a coat of lacquer?

I have original hardwood maple floors in my house, but there are some wear marks and it definitely needs refinishing. It is permissible to just varnish over the old to lock out and more damage?

Re: Hardwood floors need a coat of lacquer?

I have done it several times. You will need to clean the floor thoroughly, including de-waxing and lightly sand and clean again.


Re: Hardwood floors need a coat of lacquer?

Yeah, I didn't want to have to go through all of that, so I wasn't sure if there was another way. The floor isn't too bad, but there are some "wear" spots,.

Re: Hardwood floors need a coat of lacquer?

Jack is right. This is not a lot of work though- you can rent a pad-type floor sander (they can supply and install light scuffing pads when you get it)and you can do any room with it in under an hour. That will give the new finish enough bond so long as you dewaxed well enough. If you are as dirt-poor as I am you can hand-scuff with 'scotchbrite' pads on a disc attachment chucked into a drill- many hours work but little cost. Don't use a drum-type floor sander unless you're experienced with it; the pad type is far more forgiving and with scuffing pads you just about can't mess anything up.

I highly recommend this kind of refinishing when possible over floor sanding and finishing. Even real hardwood is only so think and sanding removes some of that thickness. As long as you haven't worn through the old finish to bare wood and it's not yellowing, forget the sander and refurbiish the finish- not the wood under it.


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