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hardwood flooring border with carpet inlay

I am going to insatll a hardwood boarder around a large room using prefinished 3/4 tounge and groove hardwood. I am looking for advice on how to finish the board edge where the carpet will meet with. Can I leave the groove edge of the board and bring the carpet up to it or do I need some sort of transition. The carpet will be a deep enough pile to the woo height.

Thanks. Looking forward to getting advice here.

A. Spruce
Re: hardwood flooring border with carpet inlay

No, your carpet won't be thick enough to cover the transition well.

You have to remember, carpet and padding compress under foot, the hardwood won't, so while visually the two might meet just fine, it's going to hurt your foot and possibly be a trip hazard. You basically need the finished edge of the hardwood to be the same height as the pad. It would be ideal to have a notch for the carpet to tuck into, but not a necessity if you've got a good installer.

I did the exact same thing in my home that you're planning to do now, the only difference is that my hardwood was only 5/8", and I can tell you from this experience that the sharp edge of the hardwood was very uncomfortable on the bare foot. If I had it to do over again, I would install a reducer

MLB Construction
Re: hardwood flooring border with carpet inlay

if you take spruce's advice, how about using 3/4" hardwood then install 3/8", 1/2", or 5/8" plywood on top of your sub floor inside the hardwood border to raise the rug up to a comfortable height.

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