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Hardwood flooring and cat urine stains

I have a 1929 house with hardwood floors. My cat and the previous owner's cat used a section of the carpeted floor as their personal toilet. I have removed the carpeting and would like advice as to how to address the staining - not the odor - on the wood flooring short of pulling up and replacing the wood flooring planks. The area looks more like mold, blackened in nature. Any suggestions? I'm not afraid of hard work!

Re: Hardwood flooring and cat urine stains

the problem is that it probally is mold. I would try sanding it out and it should get lighter a little ways down but if it is something that they were doing with great regularity then it might go rather deep into the wood.

Re: Hardwood flooring and cat urine stains

yuk is correct

there are different kinds of wood bleach and it is important to understand that what type you get in your circumstances is oxalic acid it comes in a black powder that needs to be mixed up. it is the same oxalic acid that I use in polishing granite

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Re: Hardwood flooring and cat urine stains

2 years ago we bought a house and found a similar problem. We had a blackened stain under the carpet from cat urine. We ended up having to have the floor sanded down and refinished. If that would not have worked, we would have needed to remove the stained wood and start anew. Cat urine is one of the WORST stains to remove. People may not be able to smell it, but those cats sure know where to pee again.

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