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Hardwood Flooring

Does anyone know or have tips on how to use the smooth side of plywood for flooring?

Re: Hardwood Flooring

what is that you're asking?

Are you suggesting to rip the plywood, possibly adding a tongue and groove.... milling your own flooring?

Or maybe you're just looking to lay it down, and apply some sort of faux finish?

What's type of room, etc.?

Re: Hardwood Flooring

We were not considering the tongue & groove option. When my husband saw this on tv he said they just laid the smooth side up, fillied in the gaps, sanded & finished it with a sealer. My concern is the gaps. This would be used in the kitchen & living room which will be one large open area.

Re: Hardwood Flooring

things that make you go hmmm.... I'm not sure about filling the gaps. I personally wouldn't try something like that. What I might try is to use some thin strapping (like a spline) that would hide the cracks. I would countersink the straps in some sort of way. Not sure how I would go about this...maybe a router would be best. This is sounding sort of interesting. What if you stained the strapping a shade or so off from the floor itself? Makes me wonder if I would cut the 4x8 sheets into 4x4 as well. Could put some art work in the floor too before finishing :)

THis sort of thing is interesting, but something that I would almost want to test out before I went with it. I'm also not sure of the cost savings...got to believe it would be a high savings.

What did they use to adhere the flooring to the subfloor? Did they face nail it, use a construction adhesive, or both?

I love projects like this...where one can try to come up with something that is different, inexpensive, and looks great.

I'm not sure I would try to go with a perfect fit with the strapping either. I might even hand sand down the edges of both the ply as well as the strapping..not sure.

Adding here (edit). Might not use strapping-like boards, but instead assemble the floor with boards in between the 4x4 sheets...could be splines..

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