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Re: Hardwood floor over concrete ( not basement)

How about engineered over tile on concrete? My parents live in florida where everything is on a slab. They went to Home Depot and told them what they wanted, got a price and had an estimator out to the house. For this they paid about $30.00. Not until the measurer was there were they told you can't put a laminate or engineered over tile. The tile would have to be removed and the concrete sealed.

Does that make any sense?

Don't all the floating floors have a vapor barier?

Re: Hardwood floor over concrete ( not basement)
Suzie02 wrote:

Thanks for the advice. I should have mentioned in the first post that most of the floor will be nailed onto a wooden subfloor.
For instance:
I have an 8' piece of unfinished hickory, and the last 2 feet will be
on top concrete while the other 6' will be nailed down.
What can I do to ensure the 2 feet on top of the concrete is secure?
Do I allow this part to be floating or do I stick it to the concrete with an adhesive?
Once again, thanks for the help.

I'd use a polyurethane construction adhesive on the concrete areas and add a couple tapcon screws to each sleeper just to be certain it stays put.

CaptTCB, I've never heard of Elastilon but I'm going to look into it. Sounds like it might solve some similar installation problems I've ran into. Thanks for the tip! Just goes to show that 30+ years in the business doesn't mean you've seen everything yet.



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