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hardwood floor installation

I am unsure about the type of wood flooring to install and how it should be installed. I have a split level house, the space for the new flooring is slightly below grade. It's grade level in the front part of the house but in the back it is below grade by about 1.5 ft. I want to install real wood using an adhesive. The flooring surface is concrete. What type of wood floor should I use (floating- click and lock, or adhesive)? Depending on my options what is the best way to install? Do I need to test the moisture level for the floor before installing and how should I do that?

Timothy Miller
Re: hardwood floor installation

Howdy have you considered installing a laminate it is installed over a thin foam and is a floating floor. Otherwise are you going for prefinsihed or plan on sanding and staining and finishing wood? You can purchase adhesive where you get the flooring and a trowel with teeth cut to apply the proper thicness of the mastic, adhesive. Does the below grade concrete sit on the ground? ever had moisture on this areea?

Re: hardwood floor installation

I have already considered laminate and engineer wood, but prefer to have real wood. The concrete floor is on ground level. My main concern is to have the flooring install correctly. We recently had a pipe burst on this level and need to install a new floor. I have never noticed a moisture problem before, nothing that is noticeable. Given the level that the flooring sits on, I want to choose a type of flooring that is most appropriate. I have heard from others that installed hardwood in the basement and never had a problem. I am also planning to use an adhesive with zero VOC level. I am looking into healthy bond? and Bostik brands. Any advice on getting eco and health friendly adhesives?

Re: hardwood floor installation

Check the Lumber Liquidators web site for some helpful information.

Re: hardwood floor installation

Most reputable flooring contractors and distributors will provide a free estimate that includes using a contact moisture meter to test the concrete. I would suggest that as your first step.

Secondly, you said you wanted "real wood" but not engineered? I think you've been mis-informed. Engineered flooring IS real wood. The top layer is an actual species of hardwood followed by some type of substrate- IE: plywood, mdf, spruce, or other materials. Some manufacturers have a wear layer that is comparable to the wear layer of 3/4" solid wood, or about 1/4".

Engineered is always going to perform better in a below grade installation without question. It was designed exactly for such a purpose, to minimalize the natural expansion and contraction of wood.

However- you CAN put solid wood over concrete, even below-grade. Some manufacturers even warranty this, if done properly following their guidelines.

For a 'Green Friendly' adhesive, I highly recommend WF Taylor adhesives. Specifically their Meta-Tac 2071 wood floor adhesive. They are one of the few adhesive manufacturers whose adhesives have "GreenGuard" certification for indoor air quality, no-voc's and no solvents. www.wftaylor.com

For a range of wood flooring products and recommendations for below-grade and concrete installations, check out www.eurowoodfloors.com

Good luck and enjoy your new floor, whatever you choose!

Re: hardwood floor installation

there's several ways to install a solid wood floor over concrete. you can put sleepers on the concrete and then plywood subflooring and put the wood floor on that. you can install the drycore flooring system ontop of the concrete and put a solid wood flooring on that. the flooring can glued down.

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