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HardiShingle Siding - Siding along a roof line.

Has anyone ever used HardiShingle Siding to side the wall of a doghouse dormer with a roof line at the bottom? I am currently installing HardiShingle Siding and am trying to figure out how to keep a consistent thickness at the roof line. Instructions say to use a 1/4" x 1 1/4" starter strip, then a piece of 9" Hardiplank behind the siding, THEN install the HardiShingle panel. But it seems like the layers may build up to much in certain areas. I was thinking about using cedar shakes parallel to the roof line so that the under course will eventually tail off and allow me to start over again. But this may pose a waterproofing issue, especially at the roof line where there will be water and snow. I know from experience that installing cedar shakes can be "involved" and time consuming, I am beginning to see that this Hardi may be the same case.

ALSO, does anyone know the prescribed nail patter for nailing into sheathing only? This material is made to be nailed to studs 16" OC, however being that my house is almost 100yrs old the stud spacing is all over the place, luckily i have 3/4" sheathing, so I would like to nail right into that, rather then go crazy trying to make seams land on studs, etc..

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I am working on figuring out how to insert a picture into these messages, when I figure that out i will send one over. Thanks!

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