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HardiShingle Siding - Has anyone used?

Has anyone installed HardiShingle Siding. I was wondering if anyone had any pros or cons to the product. I Plan on installing in on my 1920's craftsman style home with 3/4" ship-lap sheathing. Also was wondering how you start the first course? Do I have to install a wide starter strip under the siding being that there are gaps between the simulated shingles. i would have to paint that as well. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Re: HardiShingle Siding - Has anyone used?

Hi, you begin with a starter strip, 1 1/2" wide, then a starter course (a shingle with the tabs cut off) then a first course; there are always three layers at the lap.
It's a relative nightmare to install. I did one job with it and never again.
It demands an absolutely flat substrate, no bows or steps. A rain screen type of application is recommended strongly! but that type of application demands that the window casing and corner boards be thicker too.


Re: HardiShingle Siding - Has anyone used?

Looks great!!! What is a rain screen application? I have tyvek up there now. Do i need to install something better? Also everthing is wrapped with 5/4 Azek, corner, windows etc...
ALso, i have installed hardi plank and put a piece of aluminum behing the joints. I am assuming this is the same?

Re: HardiShingle Siding - Has anyone used?

You can start off with a 1 1/4" starter strip at the bottom (rip it from a hardiplank) to create the right angle. Over that, place a 8 1/4" hardiplank starter course (for 7" exposure; use 6 1/4" hardiplank for 5" exposure) to create a firm backing for the shingle sheets.

You'll attach the starter strip etc over the tyvek/flashing.

I highly recommend investing in fiber-cement shears if you don't have them.

There are certain details you should do also, like leaving a minimum 2" gap over decking etc. to avoid moisture intrusion.

The use of flashing behind the joints like hardiplank installation is not needed due to the overlap, but caulk between side trim and the shingles is required.

Nice job in the photo.

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