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Hardboard, Beadboard over wallpaper?

I am re-doing an early 70s bathroom that has the original textured wallpaper. The paper has kind of a shiny base with a raised velvet type design. My idea was rather than going through trying to remove the paper, that I would just cover every square inch in some sort of thin board type material. This would give me a perfectly smooth surface. i would then do sort of a board and batten/wainscoat type thing to about halfway up the wall (the ceilings are 8 ft), paint from there up and top it off with a small crown molding. I have been looking for the material and I am wondering if the brown tempered hardboard would work for this. I know that they make beadboard for this type application, but I would rather have the smooth surface than the beads. I know that I need to use much adhesive and some sort of fasteners, nails screws etc. Any suggestions on the specific materials to use and what would be the correct way to do this are greatly appreciated.

A. Spruce
Re: Hardboard, Beadboard over wallpaper?
A. Spruce

I would strongly recommend against using particle board, masonite, or mdf material in a bathroom, the moisture and humidity will have it warping, buckling, and blistering in no time!

While it is understandable that you don't want to go to the time and effort of removing the wallpaper, it truly is the right way to do it, then simply repair, retexture the drywall and paint. You can still do a wainscot if you wish, but again, stay away from the materials mentioned, use plywood (not veneered mdf ) and wood trim and moldings.

Tip when installing crown molding, paint it first, then all you have to do is fill your nail holes, caulk the edges and joints, and touch up the paint. If you're painting the walls and ceiling the same color as the crown, then the crown can be painted in place, if the crown is a different color, paint it before installation.

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