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Doreen Ellis
Hard Water Stains

I have problems with VERY hard water stains. In one bath I have a granite sink top and brushed nickel faucets. What can I use to clean the faucets that won't hurt the sink top. In the other bath I can't seem to get the stains off of a glass waterfall vessel sink. What can I use there. I already tried vinegar but it drips off the part that it needs to stay on. I even tried a razor blade which did take it off but it scratched the glass.

Re: Hard Water Stains

Try CLR, a cleaner that claims to remove calcium, lime and rust stains. Success not guaranteed.

Re: Hard Water Stains

CLR should remove mineral deposits but if you need a product that doesn't run off, try Naval Jelly which is phosphoric acid in a gel type solution. We used to live in an area with very hard water that I had to clean off the faucets as well as the drainboard & basin of an antique farmhouse sink. I discovered that Naval Jelly was the best product to clean it quickly & without scrubbing. Just paint it on, let it sit for a few minutes, then rinse well. For granite, I would caution you to test an inconspicuous area to see if Naval Jelly will affect the finish before applying it to the countertop, but it should not harm glass or chrome.

Re: Hard Water Stains

After letting the Naval Jelly sit a few minutes, you may want to use an old toothbrush or nylon scrub pad to get into tight areas.

Re: Hard Water Stains

:)Ok im new here and I have worked as a plumber for a long time and this is a very common question now your solution is a very easy one you already nailed it on the head Vinegar it drips off well wet a rag or cloth and set it over the area and let it sit overnight or couple hours and wipe away (Be careful some cheap fixtures and some brushed nickel and other color finishes can be ruined with vinegar)Chromes almost always ok to do this hope this helps BTW buy a water softener and save yourself the trouble after ruining a couple fixtures it will cost you more in the long run that to purchase a good softener. hope this helps!
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victoria stiles
Re: Hard Water Stains

Since hard water contains minerals which stick on substances, lack of frequent cleaning leads to stains. Stains are much harder to remove.

Re: Hard Water Stains

I really don't like water stains either; I'm always scared to use cleaning products on my bathroom surfaces. Really appreciate the tips I read here.
Cheers !

Hello this is Vicky by the way (currently enjoying nice violin music while doing her chores), new member on the forums.

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