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Hard Studs Break My Screws

Has anyone had problems screwing drywall into old, hard studs? My house was built in the 1950s and it seams like I can get a screw into the studs without pre-drilling. The screws either break or I strip the heads. I was thinking about using deck screws to prevent them from breaking and an impact driver to prevent the heads from stripping. Any other ideas?

A. Spruce
Re: Hard Studs Break My Screws

Using a self tapping screw such as the one shown above by asc2078 should do the trick. This type of screw cuts it's own hole as it penetrates. An impact driver may also help.:)

Re: Hard Studs Break My Screws

I agree with the other posters and wanted to add that some drills have torque controls which would keep you from stripping the head or snapping it off.

Re: Hard Studs Break My Screws

Boy I know what you mean. I've snapped 1/4 inch lag bolts in old lumber. Like was said earlier if you have the self tapping screws they help. Otherwise if you don't drill a pilot hole while using a regular screw you can use wax or drive the screw in part way then back out a little then in until you reach the end.

Re: Hard Studs Break My Screws

I agree,the zinc screws are tough and should do the job.If not,have you considered using nails?They work fine with the help of construction addhesive like liquid nails.

Re: Hard Studs Break My Screws

I agree with the above, and don't use deck screws, you'll be beeling rust through the mud.

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