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hanging Drywall on celing question?

I have a home that was built around 1878 and I have a question about hanging drywall on the celing. I have gutted the downstairs living room down to the studs and celing joist. the room is 15'6" x 21'6 the celing joist run the 15'6" width. because I am doing this myself can I apply and extra 1" board to the joist and run the drywall the same way the joist run? I will be using 5/8" drywall. the reason I would like to do this is I am not an expericened drywall installer and have never used drywall butt boards before but will If I have to. any help will be appreciated.

Re: hanging Drywall on celing question?

here is your dificulties. in order not to have any butt joints you would still have to hang 16' sheetrock. I understand that in michigan that this is available. standard is 12'. 5/8 is a very heavy board and for someone who isn't real experienced in hanging ceiling boards trying to hang from wall to wall is usually more challange then they are ready for and then you add 16 foot long. I have lots of years experience and wouldn't want to do that one. also to take into consideration would be your ceiling joists would have to be exactally 16" or 24" On center. even slightly off and it graduates quickly so that you end up having to trim off the long side of the board so that it will break. then you also have sag issues. I would look more at having plenty of help and hang it the standard way. and when you start finishing just remember that it is much easer to put the mud on in thinner coats then it is to spend a lot of time sanding, you can add more a lot easier then you can spend time sanding. I would check youtube they have lots of instructional videos on finishing drywall

Re: hanging Drywall on celing question?

To answer your question, yes you can. If you use drywall screws you would need to space the furring strips 12" on center run the length of the room.If you using drywall nails (not advisable) they would have to be installed 7" on center. I would recommend you use 4" furring strips rather than 3". However, as havana pointed out, cutting and lifting 16 foot sheets is a job even with a lift, but it can be done.

Re: hanging Drywall on celing question?

There's a good chance the existing joists are likely bowed resulting in a uneven surface which might end up with strapping applied perpendicular and shimmed as JLM mentioned. You would then have your choice which way to apply the drywall in this case.
Just make sure you have 3 people holding up those 16 foot sheets.
Definatenately follow the advise Havanagranite offers when it comes to taping and putting the mud on.

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