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Hanging Clock on Stone Wall

I have hung a clock on our stone wall, but am concerned about how it is hung and would like to get some verification / ideas.

There was a post in the wall when we moved in and we have used it to hang a Christmas wreath on it so far.

The post seems to be aluminum and is slightly flexible. I am concerned that the clock may fall off of the post if the wire holding it up slips forward far enough. This clock is at least 30 pounds heavy. Because of that weight, I am also concerned that it may be putting stress on the mortar. Should I be concerned about that?

So my questions so far revolve around whether or not this is too much weight for this post / the mortar and any ideas on what I can do to ensure the clock stays safely hung? I have thought of either replacing the post (not sure where to start) or putting something on the post to stop the wire from slipping forward. Any ideas on how to keep if from slipping forward if you don't think I should remove the original post?

Here is a picture of it hung:

And here is a closeup of the post:


Re: Hanging Clock on Stone Wall

It seem that bending it up will have gravity working for you to keep the wire from slipping off.


Re: Hanging Clock on Stone Wall

People hang a lot of things on stone/concrete/block walls all the time, and they do it with anchors and other ways.

How deep does the nail go? if not so deep it may not be able to support 30 lbs.

Re: Hanging Clock on Stone Wall

I didn't put the original post in the wall, so I have no clue as to how deep it goes.

I also do not think I can bend it, but will try and see what the results are. Thanks for the idea.

Re: Hanging Clock on Stone Wall

It's hard to tell from the pics, but do try bending it. If it seems solid while you do this and doesn't twist loose, then you're probably OK. Don't overbend, all you need is enough to keep the hanger wire from slipping off. Bending too far may break it or crimp it creating a weakness. To bend it, find a pipe that fits over it closely. Lacking that, a deep-well socket of the correct size and a 12" extension employed similarly should do the trick easily. If the hanger loosens you've got more work to do; perhaps a lead shield anchor and screw can go into the old hole.


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