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Hanging Cabinets In Old Kitchen

I'm trying to decide on the best way to hang cabinets in an older kitchen. After removing the old cabinets, i'm left with a brick masonry wall so it's not as simple as using a few shims and regular cabinet screws. I can think of 2 different options.

Option 1: Install a 1x4 as a ledger board into the brick then screw the cabinets into this.

Option 2: Use tapcon masonry screws with washers to secure the cabinets directly to the brick.

I'm sure there are experience professionals out there that have run into this so any tips or opinions would be helpful.

Re: Hanging Cabinets In Old Kitchen

I am sure there are going to be many suggestions, as far as myself I think I would use a wood cleat system. First I would attach two cleats for the uppers and two for spacer on the lower for a nailer, leveling and shimming them. Attach the cleats to the cabinets check for level and plumb. Then screw the the cabinets to the cleats on the wall. You can then either scribe the cabinets to the wall or attach a trim piece on the sides to hide the unevenness of the wall. Good Luck and please post back.

Re: Hanging Cabinets In Old Kitchen

I would consider french cleats for the upper.


Re: Hanging Cabinets In Old Kitchen

I dont think I have the option of french cleats since there is a soffit above and you probably need about 1 inch to lift up and onto the cleats.

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