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hanging cabinets on crumbly plaster covered bricks

Hi - i am currently restoring my kitchen and am puzzled as to how to safely and securely hang stacked cabinets on my wall. (they will go up to meet a soffit that i am constructing to cover some re-routed pipes at the ceiling)

I tore down the old cabinets which were amazingly secured to the wall with drywall screws! The wall had 1/8 inch wood paneling over top of 1 inch plaster covered 125 year old bricks. There were some masonry nails in the wall as well and once i pulled them out the plaster crumbled out.

On another wall (an unused chimney - covered in plaster) i faced it with 1/4 inch drywall by using a good amount of joint compound. I was able to hit wood on both sides - but in the middle, i pre-drilled some holes and used tapcon screws.... the problem was that i believe that the brick is soft and the screws never really grabbed the wall at all. I ended up driving some cut nails in which seemed to grab it. So the experience with using the Tapcons didn't leave me feeling like i could sleep at night after hanging cabinets with them.

Does anyone have any experience with other fasteners that would really securely hang cabinets that could hold a lot of weight?

So far i have only 2 thoughts of how to do it:

1. I am not removing the lower baseboard because it really seems to pull and damage the plaster! So i thought i could run a few vertical boards (which would match the depth of the baseboard) from the baseboard to the ceiling and somehow attach that to the wall - then attach the cabinets to that - which would at least give me a bit of wood to screw into.

2. where i am hanging the cabinets, chop out the plaster to get to the brick and hang horizontal cleats to hang the cabinets on to. I am thinking that i can get a more secure connection to the brick than the crumbly plaster....

I would love to hear any other ideas! Or opinions on how to hang these!


Re: hanging cabinets on crumbly plaster covered bricks

While reading, I was thinking about french cleats. So add one vote for a modified #2

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